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The 2022 MDF Annual Conference - sometimes called the “family reunion” - took place September 9th & 10th, at Paradise Point in San Diego, CA. With over 625 registrants, and hundreds of participants in-person & online - joining from 39 US States and 14 countries - we are thrilled that so many of our incredible community members and professionals could once again unite to advance the MDF mission of Community, Care, and a Cure!

Nick Gulch is a student at the Owens Community College, where he is pursuing a degree in Broadcast Media Technologies. With a recently won scholarship, Nick has found an intersection between his passion for podcast-making and his connection with the rare disease community.  

Volunteer writer Barbara Ochoa brings us another community interview, this time featuring Kristen McClintock, who is living with DM1. Kristen was 16 when she began experiencing soreness and extreme fatigue, which felt different from the usual sore muscles she was used to as an athlete.

A global alliance of over 50 myotonic dystrophy-focused organizations have, once again, united to celebrate Myotonic Dystrophy Families Day on July 23rd, and International Myotonic Dystrophy Awareness Day on September 15th. In addition to its core mission of raising DM awareness among the general population, many members are also leading efforts in two specific areas of focus to maximize impact in 2022.

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